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About Seccredo

Seccredo is among the Nordic region’s top-ranking consulting companies within Intelligence, Risk, Security and Crisis management. We help our clients manage risk in an increasingly complex world.

Seccredo’s strength is its employees; a diverse group of professionals with knowledge and experience from different cultures, business sectors and industries.

We are convinced that successful risk-, crisis- and security management requires a genuine understanding of each client’s specific requisites, which is why we focus on providing customised and holistic, rather than product-based, solutions.

Seccredo protects business, values and brands – globally and locally.

Due Diligence

Decisions on business partnerships, mergers and acquisitions or expansion into new markets are accompanied by opportunities but also with a certain degree of risk-taking. A professional analysis and assessment of prospective business partners could be decisive for the long-term profitability of your investment.

Investigations on Counterfeit products

Seccredo assists companies worldwide to identify how counterfeit products are produced, exported and retailed. Our global network enables us to investigate irregularities in complicated and hazardous environments.

Crisis trainings

Seccredo conducts and supervises hundreds of crisis and contingency trainings annually, designed to prepare companies, authorities and municipalities for the unexpected. We organize and conduct large trainings in which both private and public representatives on a regional scale participate.


Organized crime is increasingly approaching commercial and industrial life. Managing blackmail attempts or proposals from criminal elements can be as challenging as it is unsafe. Seccredo has developed a comprehensive program to assist organizations in managing and preventing this type of interference.